Specialty Camps

Specialty Camps

Specialty Camps

Every summer we partner with amazing community and national organizations to offer a variety of specialty camp options suited to fit everyone’s curiosity.  From specialized sports camps to STEAM activities, we have it all!

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August 19-23, 2024 (Week 9) 

Circus Camp with Circus Theatricks
Circus Camp with Circus Theatricks

9 am to 4 pm, ages 8 to 13 years

Campers learn acrobatics, juggling, uni-cycles, and clowning fun all week. In person show on Friday at 2:30pm!

Cost = $385 / $325 AJCC Members

At capacity - waitlist started (As of 5/6/24)

Capitol Region Basketball Bootcamp
Capitol Region Basketball Bootcamp

9 am to 4 pm, ages 8 to 14 years

Skills, Drills, Games, and More!

Cost = $405 / $375 AJCC Members

Online Registration live under Program Registration.

The Science Chef - Rocketry
The Science Chef - Rocketry

1 pm to 4 pm, ages 7 to 12 years

Build rockets all week, and then launch them on the JCC Back field!

Cost = $330 / $295 AJCC Members

10 spots left!

Online Registration live under Program Registration.

Challenger Soccer Camp
Challenger Soccer Camp

9 am to 12 pm, ages 6 to 12 years or  
9 am to 4 pm, ages 8 to 12 years

Soccer skills, drills, and lots of games!

Cost for Morning Soccer = $330 / $295 AJCC Members
Cost for Full Day Soccer = $405 / $375 AJCC Members

Online Registration live under Program Registration.

JCC Afternoon Post Camp
JCC Afternoon Post Camp

For Weeks 8 and 9:

12 pm to 5:30 pm, ages 6 to 12 years
(pro-rated for 4 pm to 5:30 pm)

Games, Sports, Playground, Snack, and fun!

Cost for full afternoon = $175 / $145 AJCC Members
Cost for 4pm-5:30pm = $85 / $55 AJCC Members

Online Registration live under Program Registration.

August 26-30, 2024 (Week 10) 

Claim to Fame Entertainment - Gaming and the Business of Gaming
Claim to Fame Entertainment - Gaming and the Business of Gaming

9 am to 12 pm, ages 6 to 16 years

Learn the Business of the Gaming Industry from professionals in the field. Gaming tournaments during the week too!

Cost = $405 / $375 AJCC Members

4 spots left!

Online Registration live under Program Registration.

Capitol Region Basketball Bootcamp
Capitol Region Basketball Bootcamp

9am to 4pm, ages 8 to 14 years

Skills, Drills, Games, and more!

Cost = $405 / $375 AJCC Members

Online Registration live under Program Registration.

LAX Lacrosse Camp
LAX Lacrosse Camp

9am-12pm, ages 6-15 years

For new and skilled Lacrosse players, work with LAX Coaches for skills, drills, and play games all week!

Cost = $330 / $295 AJCC Members

Online Registration live under Program Registration.

Camp Payment Terms and Conditions

Payment Terms and Conditions for Albany JCC Summer Camps:

  • All Camp payments must be completed by June 28, 2024 with no outstanding balances when camp starts.
  • Forms of payment accepted - Visa, MC, AMEX, or a Voided Check.
  • Payment plans are selected on the bottom of page 1 of the registration form where the dates are listed. Page 2 of the registration must be completed by selecting the weeks requested. If registering online and want a different payment plan with dates prior to camp starting, please contacting the Camp Office.
  • In order to receive the JCC Member rates for Summer Camp, the Family Membership or Single Parent Family Membership must be activated at the time of registration and continues through the end of the camper's enrollment.
  • Albany JCC does accept DSS to subsidize payments for camp weeks. The difference between what the county covers and cost of camp is paid by the parent prior to the camp week.
  • Each camper group/option has a capacity. We will begin waiting lists once spots are filled. 
  • There is a one-time $10 Insurance Fee per camper.
  • We offer a 10% sibling discount for Camp Shalom, Teen Camp, and the Afternoon JCC Post Camp for AJCC Members only. We do not offer any discounts on Specialty Camps, Teen Camp Add Ons, trip fees, or the $10 one-time Insurance Fee per Camper.
  • For any refund requests, these can be made by email to the Camp Office by June 7, 2024. Changes in weeks can be made via email as long as there is space in another week/option. 
Camp Disciplinary Policy

2024 AJCC Camp Parent Handbook due by June 7th - click link


MINOR OFFENSES: not listening to/disrespecting staff and/or children, first time using profanity, not following directions, disrespect of Albany JCC property or children’s/staff’s property or personal space.

FIRST infraction of a minor offense will result in a verbal warning from the Camp Staff.

SECOND infraction will result in verbal warning from the Director of Youth Services, or Assistant Youth Director, or Teen Camp Coordinator.

THIRD infraction will result in removal from activity and parent notification.

Parents will be notified regarding any of the three infractions listed above.

MAJOR OFFENSES: running away from JCC property, vandalism, fighting, bullying (including cyber), physically unsafe behaviors/assault toward other children or staff, possession and/or use of any weapons, possession and/or use of illegal substances, theft.

The occurrence of major offenses will result in dismissal from the Camp Program for that day, with 1 or more days of additional suspension from program.

When a child displays a pattern of consistent, inappropriate behavior (including both minor and major offenses), the Camp Staff reserves the right to evaluate whether the child can best be served by our program. A meeting with the Director of Youth Services, Assistant Youth Director, Teen Camp Director, parent(s) and child/teen (if needed) will be scheduled to review the status of the child/teen for the remainder of the summer season.

Health Procedures

2024 Camp Medical Form due by June 7 - click link

General Health Procedures:

  • Children must be fever free (less than 101 degrees) and vomit/diarrhea free for 24 hours before they can return to camp. If your child becomes ill during the camp day (vomiting, diarrhea, fever, etc.), families will be contacted by phone for immediate pick up.
  • If your child tests positive for Covid-19, please contact the Camp Office by email immediately. If your child is not vaccinated and been exposed to Covid-19, they will need to quarantine for 5 days and then wear a mask for an additional 5 days while at camp. Same applies to any child who tests positive regardless of vaccination status.

Covid 19 Vaccination Status:

  • All of our JCC Camp staff are fully vaccinated for Covid 19. If your child/teen is fully vaccinated for Covid 19, please supply a picture via email of the Covid 19 vaccination card. This will reduce any quarantining that may occur within your camper’s group as long as they are not symptomatic.

Medications/Medical Questionnaire:

  • Any child with medications such as an Epi-Pen or Inhaler for example, must bring in the original box/bottle/container with the prescription label attached. In addition, parents will need to complete a NYS OCFS Individual Health Care Plan (signed by parent and JCC) as well as a NYS OCFS Medication Consent Form (signed by you and your child’s doctor) prior to the Albany JCC accepting the medication. All medications must not be expired. If your child has an allergy, there is a NYS OCFS Allergy/Anaphylaxis Plan form to be completed by parent, doctor, and JCC.
  • Any item listed on the Medical Questionnaire on page 8 of this Parent Handbook, will require at least a NYS OCFS Individual Health Care Plan (signed by parent and JCC) to be completed prior to Camp. Please see above for other potential NYS forms that may be required.

Daily cleaning efforts:  As part of our normal routine, there will be daily efforts made to disinfect the camp spaces, equipment, games, and high traffic areas, paying special attention to doorknobs, phones, tables, chairs, keyboards, handrails, gates etc. We will be disinfecting with an EPA approved cleaner as recommended by the CDC (not in the presence of children). 

Drop Off, Pick Up, Snacks, Meals and Additional Information

Pick Up and Drop Off:  

For Specialty Camp weeks, drop off begins at 8:45am at the AJCC Pavilion. A JCC Staff will assist bringing your child to the designated program area. If your child will be late or absent, please notify the Camp Office before 8:45am. All Pick ups occur at the Pavilion.

Half Day Camps end at 12pm. For any camper enrolled in Afternoon Post Camp, a JCC Staff will collect your child from the morning program area and bring them to the AJCC Pavilion for lunch. If your camper is attending a 1pm Specialty Camp, a JCC Staff will escort your child from the Pavilion to the program area.

Full Day Camps end at 4pm. For any camper enrolled in the pro-rated Afternoon Post Camp, a JCC Staff will collect your child from the program area and bring your child to the Pavilion for free play. Post Camp ends at 5:30pm daily.

Please ensure the pick-up list is complete with info requested. Please include parent info as well.  A $1 per minute late fee will be assessed when late pick-ups occur.

Camp Shalom Facebook Group for Parents - https://www.facebook.com/groups/680913725794043

Personal Items from Home: 

  • We are asking that all of your child’s toys, games, etc. be left at home. Your child will need on a daily basis –nut free cold lunch, sneakers (especially for Sports), sunscreen, water bottle, ice pack in lunch bag, a change of clothes, a light jacket on cool days, and a hat. Please label your child’s belongings.

Meal times

  • Any bottles/water bottles that are brought in for your child must be taken home daily for sanitizing. Please be sure that all are clearly labeled with your child’s name. Staff will assist campers when they are thirsty to chilled water in water jugs we provide for children. We are not able to refrigerate or heat up lunches. Please pack an ice pack in your camper’s lunch bag. We are also a Peanut Free and Nut Free environment.

If your child has a birthday during the summer, items may be brought in for your child’s camper group. Any food items have to be NUT FREE and KOSHER. Please contact the Camp Office prior to coordinate/inquire.