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About Us


The Sidney Albert Albany Jewish Community Center provides a nurturing environment where individuals and families can grow and develop in mind, body and spirit. We serve the spectrum of family life, from infants through seniors, through programs related to education, physical fitness, and communal life. Our core values are rooted in Jewish principles, and we welcome members of the community at large, regardless of their faith or background.


  • 1658 - Asher Lev came here as leader of the first Jewish settlers on this continent. 
  • 1854 - First YMHA established in Baltimore to provide help for Jewish immigrants 
  • 1915 - Founding of the Albany YM-YWHA. 
  • 1926 - Incorporation of Albany JCC, located on lower Washington Avenue, in the former home of John Boyd Thacher,  Mayor of Albany, New York State Senator, manufacturer, and writer.  Notable additions to the home were a gymnasium, swimming pool, exercise rooms, and bowling alleys. 
  • 1961 - As populations began to move away from the city’s downtown, the need for a new location became clear, and the current center opened on 25 acres of land.  Over the years, we’ve seen many renovations, expansions, and upgrades, including additions to the Early Childhood Center, Main Lobby, and Fitness Center. 

Board of Directors

The Albany JCC is grateful for the support and leadership of the Board of Directors and Honorary Board Members.

2024-2025 Board of Directors Honorary Board 
  • David Colman, President
  • Dora Fisher, 1st Vice President
  • Craig Alfred, 2nd Vice President
  • Alan Richer, 3rd Vice President
  • Kellie Leinung, Treasurer
  • Howard Kibrick, Assistant Treasurer
  • Marc Ehrlich, Secretary
  • Gabrielle Fredman
  • Scott Hollander
  • Tzvi Holt
  • Marshall Knoderbane
  • Bennett Liebman
  • Candace Raderman
  • Julie Safranko
  • Daniel Weinberg
  • Joshua Zamer 
  • Kenneth Altman
  • Ruth Brass
  • Murray Carr
  • Rabbi David Eligberg
  • Barry Feinman
  • Bill Golderman
  • Rochelle Katz
  • Rabbi Ben Kean
  • James Milstein
  • Rabbi Dan Ornstein
  • Stephen Ribner
  • Beth Scher
  • Adrienne Scherzer-Nadarowski
  • Rabbi Scott Shpeen
  • Steven Shrager
  • Chip Stein
  • Andrew Swartz
  • Ilene Sykes
  • Gary Weitzman
  • Rabbi Greg Weitzman
  • Stanley Winter 

Attend a Board Meeting

Please contact David Posner, CEO of the JCCs of the Capital Region, at, if you are interested in attending a board meeting, joining a committee or joining the Board of Directors